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Mexico in Bernard Plossu

Perhaps the most celebrated living photographer in France, Bernard Plossu published his first book, Le Voyage Mexicain (Contrejour) in 1979, expressively documenting a trip to Mexico in 1965-66 and establishing his reputation as both a Kerouacian On the Road figure and an intuitive, responsive image maker.  Working habitually with just one 35-mm camera, a 50-mm lens and Tri-X black and white film, Plossu returned to Mexico three more times over the next 15 years.  This past fall, Aperture Books published Vamonos: Bernard Plossu in Mexico, a compilation of photographs from all four trips, from which this Iris exhibition is drawn, one of the only two such presentation it will have in the U.S. Andele! is a predominantly Mexican colloquialism meaning many things: Come on, Move it, Wow!, Really?, Go for it! while the rest of the title reminds that not only was the photographer in Mexico, Mexico got into the photographer, whose photographs are as much about a feeling as a place.


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